Community builder - CB Paid Subscriptions

thumb cbsubs payzen logoCommunity Builder (CB) is a social networking component for Joomla. CB Paid Subscriptions is an extension of Community Builder that allows you to add paid subscriptions for users to access your website content.

This tutorial is intended to those who have subscribed to PayZen offer and have a website made with Joomla and the Component Community Builder , and uses the CB Paid Subscriptions extension.

Get the plugin

Plugin installation

In the joomla backend, click on Community Builder > Plugin managment > Install New Plugin

install payzen payment plugin cb

Select your package file, and click on Upload and Install

Plugin Configuration

Click on Paid Subscriptions > Gateways > Add New Gateway

new paid subscription payzen

Click on the New button

Select as Type of gateway the option PayZen


Before continuing, go to your PayZen Back Office in the menu Settings > Shop > Certificates to grab the following informations: your shop ID and your test or production certificate

payzen certificate

payzen certificate shopid

PayZen Payment Service Provider services settings

payzen for cbsubs setting

  1. in the Enable PayZen E-Payments, select one of those options:
    • Enable single payments
    • Enable recurring paypal subscriptions
    • Enable single payments and recurring paypal subscriptions at user's choice
  2. Select for PayZen server Normal PayZen Server unless you know what you are doing

Required parameters

Mode Allows to indicate the operating mode of the module (TEST or PRODUCTION). The PRODUCTION mode becomes available only after the test phase has been completed.
The TEST mode is always available
PayZen Shop ID Enter the 8-digit shop ID provided in your Back Office
PayZen Certificate in test mode Enter the test certificate provided in your Back Office
PayZen Certificate in production mode Enter the production certificate provided in your Back Office.
Note that the production certificate in your PayZen back office will only become available after the test phase has been completed.
PayZen Payment page URL By default is
Don't touch it unless you know what you are doing.

Important: Copy/paste the parameter Instant Payment Notification URL into your PayZen Back Office

Go to your PayZen back office, and select Settings > Notiifications Rules

payzen notification rules

And click rigth on each on both URL de notification à la fin du paiement and URL de notification à la création d'un abonnement, and then on Manage the rule

payzen cbsubs subscription urls

and copy/paste the URL

payzen cbsubs copy paste urls

And populate the E-mail address(es) to notify in case of failure.

Payment page

Default languages This option allows to choose the default language of the payment page in case the language of your website is not supported by PayZen. If the language(s) used by t is(are) implemented into PayZen, the payment page will be displayed in the language of your website when the buyer clicks on "Pay"
Available languages

Allows to customize the language display on the payment page.
Thus, the buyer can change the language upon redirection to the payment page.
If you do not select any language, all the languages will be displayed on the payment page.
In order to select several languages, press and hold the Ctrl key and click on the desired languages.
Available languages
French, German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese,Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Turkish

  • Français
  • English (UK)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • pt
  • pt
  • nl
  • sv
  • ru
  • ru
Capture delay By default, this option is configured in your Back Office in the menu: Settings > Shop > Configuration - section: Capture delay.
It is recommended to not modify this parameter.
Validation mode There are 3 options:
  • Back Office Configuration is the recommended value. It allows to use the configuration defined in the PayZen Back Office. Go to the menu: Settings > Shop > Configuration – section: validation mode
  • Manual indicates that the transactions will have to be manually validated by the merchant via the Back Office.
    Attention: if the transaction is not validated by the merchant before the capture date, it will never be captured in the bank.
  • Automatic: This value indicates that the payment will be captured in the bank automatically without any action on the merchant's part.
Card Types indicates the card thumbnails that will be displayed on the PayZen payment page.
Warning: The payment types available to the buyer on the payment page depend on the contracts and the options associated with your PayZen offer.
It is recommended to select the ALL value.
Minimum amount to activate 3-DS The minimum amount for which you wish to require 3D Secure authentication.
WARNING: This option can only be enabled upon agreement of your bank.
Automatic redirection This option allows to automatically redirect the buyer to the merchant website. This option is disabled by default.
Redirection timeout on success In case the automatic redirection option is enabled, you can define the delay in seconds before your buyer is redirected to your website in case of a successful payment.
Redirection timeout on failure In case the automatic redirection option is enabled, you can define the delay in seconds before your buyer is redirected to your shop in case of a failed payment.
Return mode When redirected to your website, the parameters will be returned in GET or POST mode. The GET mode is more convenient for the buyer: it prevents the browser from displaying a pop-up window that indicates that the buyer is leaving an https environment for an http environment, which obliges the buyer to click on "Accept" to return to the shop.
If your shop is in HTTPS, it is recommended to use the POST option
Debug Set this option to false. It should only be used by the developer of this plugin

The other options are typicall options for CBSubs. Please look at the CBsubs documentation for more information.

Test your payment gateway

Single payment

Test first a single payment

payzen single

When clicking on button, you are automatically redirected to the Payzen payment page

payzen paymentpage 1

The order reference in the payment page is the basket payment basket.
Click on one of the credit cards:

payzen paymentpage 2

and select one of the Test Credit card numbers, and then on Validate button.

You are then rediredcted to your website.
Go to your website back office, and check that the basket payment status is set to completed.

payzen cssubs single result

If your payment basket is not set to Completed, check that you have set your notifications URLs correctly 

Subscription payment

In this user case: the user is subsribing to a payment of 7 € every week for a unlimited number of times.

payzen cbsubs suscription

When clicking on the Pay Button, he is redirected to the PayZen payment page. The  website transmits the information about the buyer to PayZen.
Note that the e-mail address  is mandatory.

The buyer verifies the information displayed on the payment page (id, transaction amount and currency).

payzen cbsubs suscription 1

The buyer verifies the information displayed on the payment page (id, transaction amount and currency)., and then clicks on one of the credit cards.

payzen cbsubs suscription 2

The buyer selects the desired payment method. The payment page appears. It contains the following information:

  •  for cardholder registration: information about the identity of the buyer, buyer's bank details.
  • for the subscription (recurring payment): the number of installments, the amount of installments.
  • for the payment: the amount of the commission fee

The buyer clicks on Validate. If all the verification processes of the payment method have been successfully completed, the summary report is displayed.

Go to your website back office, and check that the basket payment status is set to completed.

 payzen cbsubs suscription 3

The subscription starts on the effective date which has been calculated by the plugin according of the configuration of the payment plan. Upon each installment, if yu have correctly set up your Instant Payment Notification URL, the merchant website will receive the payment result, and the client's basket is automatically updated.

In case of failure: the merchant will not be notified by e-mail, and the payment will not be presented automatically.

Go the the Payzen back office, and check that the recurring payment has been correctly set up.