Tutorials VirtueMart

In VirtueMart there are 3 different multi vendor mode:

  • Cart belongs always to the main vendor
  • First product determines the vendor of the cart
  • By the logged in vendor: agent mode
  • Selectable by user: The shopper selects his agent

Configuration of VirtueMart in Multivendor mode

virtuemart multivendor configuration

Create a joomla user Group for the vendors

For this demo website, the vendor group is at the same level as the Registered group.

virtuemart multivendor joomla group

Assign the Joomla User account to the correct Joomla user group

If your vendor does not have a joomla account, create one, and assign the vendor to the correct joomla group:

virtuemart multivendor assign vendor joomla group

Set the joomla user as a virtuemart vendor

  1. Go to VirtueMart > Orders & Shoppers > Shoppers
  2. Click on the shopper name
  3. Check that all the information for the vendor are correct, specially the Shop Name and Vendor Name
  4. Save it

virtuemart multivendor vendor settings

  1. On the shopper list view, click on the image in the Vendor ? column to toggle the shopper as vendor.
  2. Click again on the vendor name:

virtuemart multivendor vendor toggle

Click on the shopper information tab, and check that the correct vendor is assigned to this shopper.

virtuemart multivendor vendor check

Shared parameter in  muLtivendor mode

Once the multivendor is activated in VirtueMart, for almost all views, a shared parameter is displayed. The shared parameter indicates if the category, or calculation rule or payment/ shipment method is dedicated to one vendor or to all vendors.

Example for the categories: vendors can add products to

  • "shared" categories or
  • to "non shared categories" assigned to that vendor with the parameter vendor.

Change the VirtueMart ACLs for your vendors

In all VirtueMart views, there is a Permissions button to configure the ACLs for the vendors. 

multi vendor permissions button