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Extensions VirtueMart

Phone Validator

User-friendly to enter and validate phone numbers.

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Joomla 4.x, VirtueMart 4.x
  • Description

    The plugin parse, format, store and validate international phone numbers.

    User-friendly interface

    • Navigate the country dropdown by typing a country's name, or using up/down keys
    • Selecting a country from the dropdown will update the dial code in the input
    • Automatically format the number as the shopper enters a phone number
    • Automatically set the input placeholder to an example number for the selected country
    • Typing a different dial code will automatically update the displayed flag
    • Parsing/formatting/validating phone numbers for all countries/regions of the world.
    • Able to distinguish Fixed-line, Mobile phones whenever it is possible
    • Works with all the countries in the world.
    • Easy customization of the default country code
    • Formatting Phone Numbers 'as you type'
    • Automatically detects international and national phone numbers and save the phones in the correct format.
    • All previous data is preserved during install and uninstall scripts

    alatak phone validator-example


    Install the plugin via the Joomla installer


    • Field type: select Phone Validator Shopper Fields for VirtueMart
    • Extra plugin parameters
      • Number type: should validate as a fixed line number or a mobile phone number
      • Preferred country: the country that will be on the top of the list
    • Field name: select phonevalidator
    • Field Title: enter the name you want to be displayed on the frontend

  • Change Log

    Version 2.0.1

    • NEW
      New version compatible Joomla 4 and VirtueMart 4
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