Monetico Payment For Checkfront Extension allows you to accept Monetico payments via the Checkfront online booking system for Tours, Activities and Rentals.

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Monetico is the payment solution used by the following banks:

Monetico payment solution for CICMonetico: payment solution fro CM (Crédit Mutuel)Monetico payment solution for Desjardins

Install the Monetico Payment For Checkfront package

Install the package via the Joomla installer.
It installs a component Checkfront, and a checkfront monetico payment plugin.
The component is used to configure the checkfront parameters, as well to display all payment transactions log.

Configure Checkfront

Configure Checkfront Settings

This first step will configure  Checkfront in order to forward the customer to a payment page on your joomla website:

  1. Go to Manage > E-Commerce and
  2. Click on the Settings tab
  3. Select Do not process payments online, just take reservations
  4. Scroll to the bottom, in the  Custom Receipt URL field, enter{$BOOKING_ID}

alatak monetico configure checkfront

Obtaining Checkfront API Credentials

Now we need to get Checkfront API authentification credentials in order to have your website to communicate with Checkfront:

  1. Open your Checkfront account page and use the menu to navigate your browser to Manage > Developer
  2. Click the New Application button in the upper-left corner, and carefully read the terms of service provided.

alatak monetico checkfront authentication

  1. Enter an Application Name
  2. Select Token for the Authentication Type
  3. Click on I have read and agree to the API terms of service.
  4. And then on the Create button

alatak checkfront create application

Once you have created your application, you return on the application listing. To show the credentials that will be used by Joomla to connect to Checkfront, click on the newly created application:alatak checkfront api

The new window shows the credentials that will be used by Joomla to connect to Checkfront. Keep this window open, you will need to copy/paste those information in Joomla.

alatak checkfront api credentials

Your API credentials provide your application with access to private data stored on your account and the ability to act on your behalf. Treat these as you would your password, and be careful not to distribute or send these to untrusted parties.

Configure Joomla

Go the the Joomla administration

  1. Click on Components > Checkfront
  2. Click on Options

 alatak checkfront joomla

On the new window, enter the Account id, Api Key, Api secret, and save.

alatak checkfront joomla config

Configure the Monetico Checkfront payment plugin

In Joomla go to Extensions > Plugins, and search for Monetico.

Enter you Monetico Credentials.

alatak monetico configure

The Paid status and the Cancel status are the status that this booking should be set to once the client has paid his booking. See Manage / Layout / Statuses in your account for a list of all available statuses. The default available statuses are: PEND, HOLD, PART, PAID, WAIT, STOP, and VOID:

alatak checkfront status

Install the Checkfront Booking Content Plugin

The Joomla plugin for Checkfront enables you to generate a shortcode, paste it into your webpage and publish a booking portal for your customers to reserve their items.

Download and install the Checkfront Booking Content Plugin as explained in this tutorial.

Test It

If you are in Test mode, Test credits cards are available by clicking on the Test button.

monetico payment page

If the transaction was successfull, the checkfront invoice is displayed on Joomla

checkfront monetico thankyou page

The details of all data exchanged between the checkfront component and monetico or checkfront are logged. 

joomla checkfront monetico log