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Bpost VirtueMart Shipment plugin

Bpost VirtueMart Shipment plugin

Bpost shipment plugin delivers to post offices, parcel shops in Belgium and France, create bpost shipping and return labels.


In order to use this plugin it is required:

  • to have an account ID and passphrase from bpost
  • to have a google API map key from google

Configuration of the bpost application

Before configuring the Bpost shipment plugin for VirtueMart, check your parameters within the bpost application:
  • Login to www.bpost.be with your bpost credentials and ckick on the Shipping Manager from the portal.
  • Click on the Admin button
  • Click on General settings
  • Modify the name of the webshop and change the default value of the passphrase

bpost shipping manager 

Installation of the Bpost VirtueMart Shipment plugin

Install the plugin via the Joomla installer

  1. Once the plugin has been installed, you can go directly to http://yourwebsite.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&view=shipmentmethod
  2. Create a new shipment method by clicking on the new button
  3. Enter a shipment name
  4. Select in the Shipment Method parameter bpost
  5. Click on the Save button
  6. Click on the Configuration tab

Configuration of the Bpost VirtueMart Shipment plugin

Bpost Credentials

Account ID Your Bpost account ID
Passphrase The Passphrase you have setup in your Bpost account

Bpost Parameters

Parcel Shop Options The parcel shop options that will be available on the frontend
Countries The countries where you want to deliver
Street and number You have two choices depending on the way you have configurated the VirtueMart shopper fields
  • Split address_1 and find number is the default option
  • address_1=Street, address2=number: use this option in case your shop address_2 is the address number
Shipping date Enter in number of days the requested delivery date.
Number of results The number of results the front end will display. 20 is the maximum.

Google map

Google Map API key To use the Google Maps JavaScript API, you must register on the Google API Console and get a Google API key.
Enable Geolocalisation Search Only possible if your shop is in SSL. It is a google requirement.

bpost map

When the screen is very narrow (e.g. on mobile devices) only the map list is shown, the map will be hidden:

bpost map mobile


Modal At the moment on the modal option is available.
Using VPonepagechekout? Please set to YES this parameter if you are using VirtuePlanet One Page Checkout.

Discounts and Fees

Weight unit Discounts and Fees are based on weight only. Please select in which unit the weigth are given.
Fees Click on Add fees to add the fees.

bpost discount fees


Lowest Weight At the moment on the modal option is available.
Categories condition You can select Include or Exclude
Categories Select the categories you want to include or exclude. This option is usefull in case your shop sells also products that are not allowed to be delivered by Bpost.
Show shipment if Delivery address Select Yes if you want the Bpost shipment method to be displayed even if the client has choosen to be delivered to a specific shipment address.


Weight Padding Percent or flat value to pad weight for shipping package. Include %, e.g. 15%, or 15 to add.
Parcel packing The only option available at the moment is all products in boxes.


Generate Labels activated? Select Yes if VirtueMart should generate the labels
Status when shipping Select the order status that will be used to generate labels.
Deposit days Select the order status that will be used to generate labels.
Label format Choose between A6 or A4 format, this determines how the resulting PDF’s are returned from the API.
Label Return Select Yes if the label generated should contain a return label too.

bpost etiquette sample

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