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Tips and tricks to configure the Pro Shipment plugin

How to offer normal delivery shipment rates and express shipment rates

Since the cheapest rule is always the one that will be displayed, you have to create another shipment method with different rates.

How to configure the rules, when some of my products cannot be sent via my preferred shipping company

Some of your products cannot be sent via your prefered shipping company, and you must another one. Typical examples are

  • the shipping company do not allow to send some products (alcohol, chemical products for example)
  • the shipping company do not allow to send packages over some dimensions

Some of my products can be delivered in an envelope, others require parcel shipment

For this scenario, you can use the category  condition or the volume condition.

How to sell also downloadable products

For all the downloadable products, set the weight to 0,

In the shipment configuration, add a rule with no destination condition, and a rule for weight = 0, and amount= 0.
if the customer only has  downloadable products, the rule with weight = 0 will be selected
If the ciustomer adds another product, then the weigth will be > 0, and another rule will be selected.

How to inform my clients Free shipping for orders over X euros 

Use the description field to inform your client about this special offer. In our examples, it will need to be added to the rules 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Free shipping orders over X euros

How to display a dynamic Spend X€ more and get free shipping message to my clients

In the description field, add the following text 

{getfreeshipment X}

X should be replaced by the amount of the free shipment. The plugin will automatically calculate the remaining amount. Using the rules defined in thisexample, {getfreeshipment X} should be added to the rules 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Spend X more and get free shipping dynamic text

In the front end, your client wil have the following message

Spend X more and get free shipping fe

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