This plugin enables you to integrate Piwik, a web analytics platform that tracks your website`s visitors, VirtueMart purchases, products statistics, your marketing campaigns and much more. With this tracking, you can optimize your strategy and online experience of your visitors.

 Free plugin


This plugin is compatible with

  • Joomla 3+
  • VirtueMart 3+
  • Piwik 3+.

Install Piwik

The first step must be to install Piwik on a web server. While installing Piwik, enable Ecommerce reporting.

Installation and Configuration of the VM PIWIK system plugin

  1. Install the plugin in your website with the Joomla Extension Manager
  2. Select the menu Extensions>Plug-ins 
  3. Search for alatak_vmpiwik
  4. Click on the link alatak_vmpiwik
  5. Enable the plugin by selecting Enabled for the Status parameter
  6. In the Plug-in tab
    • Site id is your Piwik website ID. Your site ID can be found in the Piwik administration panel
    • Piwik URL is the URL of your Piwik website
    • Token_auth is used to record the order IP address of the confirmed or deleted orders. It is an optional parameter. If it is not set, the orders are still tracked, but the recorded IP address can be the one from the payment notification. If set, the recorder IP address is the one stored in the order, ie the client's IP address which is the exact user IP. What is the token_auth and where can I find this token to use in the API calls?
  7. In the Order status tab
    • Order status confirmed order: you can select one or more order status for the tracked orders
    • Order status cancelled order : you can select one or more order status to remove from analytics in case of refunding/deleting orders.
  8. Click on Save & Close

Test the Ecommerce tracking