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Carte de crédit hors ligne

Collecte des informations de carte de crédit en ligne pour les traiter hors connexion manuellement.

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Joomla 3.x, Joomla 4.x, VirtueMart 3.x, VirtueMart 4.x
  • Description

    Offline Credit Card Processing payment plugin for VirtueMart allows you to collect credit card information online to manually process the payment offline.

    This plugin stores the first digits of the credit card to your database encrypted and send the last digits to a specified email address.


    • The offline credit card plugin is compliant to your countries local rules, regulations and requirements.
    • First digits are stored encrypted in the database, and the last digits are sent by email.
    • The plugin includes the option to delete the credit card information in the VirtueMart administration once the payment has been processed.


    The first digits are stored in the database and the remaining numbers are sent to one or more specified email addresses

    • The CVV is not stored in the database but sent by email
    • The script will validate card number through checksum Luhn algorithm to ensure the number is correct, and displays a validate icon
    • Automatic card type detection displays the credit card logo
      • It detects if the card is American Express and prompts the customer for a 4 cvv code instead of the 3 cvv code.
      • It detects if the card is a Maestro Credit card and prompts the customer for the issue number or the issue date
    • Email subject and body can be customized with the language overrides feature of Joomla
    • Credit cards type accepted are configurable
    • Requires the card holders name
    • Requires the card security code
    • Requires an expiration date

    List of supported card types:

    • American Express
    • Diners Club Carte Blanche
    • Diners Club International
    • Diners Club United States & Canada (it is actually a MasterCard)
    • Discover Card
    • JCB
    • Laser
    • Maestro
    • MasterCard
    • Visa
    • Visa Electron


    • Credit card processing terminal,
    • SSL certificate (where locally required).


    • The offline credit card processing plugin is easy to install via Joomla extension manager.
    • The offline credit card processing plugin is easy and intuitive to set up.
  • Change Log

    Version 2.6.5

    • FIX
      fix compatibility J4

    Version 2.6.4

    • FIX
      Compatible PHP 8.x

    Version 2.6.3

    • FIX
      js jQuery not found for VM > 3.8

    Version 2.6.2

    • FIX
      checkConditions function

    Version 2.6.1

    • NEW
      Check conditions: added parameter publishup and publishdown

    Version 2.6.0

      checkConditions function uses the VM function

    Version 2.5.9

    • NEW
      Payment currency

    Version 2.5.5

      Expiry date: month and year in 2 separated input
    • FIX
      Added install script to install/update SQL
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