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The Pro Shipment plugin integrates a very usefull debugging tool to help you check that you have correctly configurated your shipment and understand why a rule is not valid.


Shipment Configuration

In the shipment configuration, there is an option to turn On / Off the debug option.

proshipment debug be

If you select the option admin only, you must log in as administrator to see the debug informations.
If you select For all, everybody will see the debug information, even your clients.

On the Frontend

When the option debug is set to ON, messages are displayed on the frontend. With all the rules set in this example, the messages are the following:

proshipment debug fe

Let's try to understand what means each line.

Each Line starts with the word "Proshipment" : it is to distingue debugging infos displayed by VirtueMart (in the VirtueMart configuration) from the shipment debug information.

In parenthesis, is displayed the shipment method id: it is to distingue the output in case you have several Pro shipment methods. The shipment method id is the number that you can find in the shipment method list:

proshipment id

 Then comes in italic the shipment name followed by the rule number inside the brackets [].

In this example:

  • All the conditions of the rule number 1 named France are met.
  • Rules number 1, 2, 3, 4 are false because all those rules the weight condition is false
  • Rule number 5 named International is false because the country is false
  • Rule number 6 named Free Shipment for France is false because the sales Price condition is false
  • The rule number 7, named Free shipment coupon code XYZ is true, because in this example the shopper entered the coupon code XYZ

The plugin found 2 valid rules which are rule number 1 and rule number 7. So now the plugin will search for the cheapest fee.

The cheapest fee is the one of rule number 7 (Free shipment coupon code XYZ), and it is the rule name displayed then in the cart.


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