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The Pro Shipment Plugin for VirtueMart is a very intuitive plugin that helps you to create shipments with basic rules or more complex rules. One plugin can replace many of the default VM shipment plugin. Faster checkout if you select Geo Ip Locator or default country option.

  • Shipping costs can be defined  with rules depending  on:
    • Including or excluding countries of the delivery address
    • Including or excluding Postal code (ZIP) of the delivery address
    • Total weight of the order
    • Total number of products in the order
    • Sales price of the order
    • Total volume of the order
    • Maximum weight of at least one product
    • Maximum dimension of at least one product
    • Coupon Code
    • Product categories
  • Free shipping easy to configure for each rule
    • by destination
    • for orders over X €
    • by Coupon code
    • by Product categories
  • Each rule is described via a very intuitive interface
  • Can display a dynamic Spend X € more and get free shipping message to customers
  • Faster checkout if you select Geo Ip Locator option or default country/Zip option
  • Includes a debugging tool

Creating the rules with a very intuitive User Interface

Rules are defined via a very easy to understand user interface. Click on the button Add Rules and Add Conditions to create the shipment rules

Easy to define the Destinations

Destination can be defined for one or more countries. You can also define destination "Rest of the world" using "Excluding countries"
Zip codes can be added with wildcard, or excluding characters.

Rules based on numerous conditions

Numerous conditions are available to define the shipment rules to fit your shipping delivery options:

Common conditions are:

  • Total weight of the order
  • Total number of products in the order

Conditions usually used for free shipment

  • Sales price of the order
  • Product categories
  • Coupon Code

Conditions usually used to add restrictions by the shipping company 

  • Total weight of the order
  • Total volume of the order
  • Maximum weight of at least one product
  • Maximum dimension of at least one product
  • Product categories (if the shipping company has product restrictions)

Always displays a shipment with the Geo Ip Locator option

No more We are sorry, no shipment method matches the characteristics of your order. With the Geo Ip Locator option there is always be a shipment displayed in the cart, even if your customer did not enter his address details.

Faster checkout

The PRO shipment plugin can save in the cart the details returned by the Geo IP locator, and thus improving the checkout.

Easy maintenance

One shipment method based on PRO SHIPMENT plugin can replace a lot of shipment methods based on the VM default shipment method (weight_countries). Shipping rates are easier to maintain since they are all displayed on one page

Free Shipping

Free shipping is a useful tool to promote your shop. They are easy to setup and they can be restricted to a specific destination.

Conditions usually used for free shipment

  • Free shipping for orders over X euros : use condition Sales price of the order
  • Buy product from category ABC, and get free shipping: use Product categories condition
  • With coupon code XYZ get free shipping: use Coupon Code condition

Sales motivator: Spend X € more and get free shipping

Add the text {getfreeshipment Y} in the description and encourage your customer to spend more in your shop. Y is the amount you offer free shipping. The remaining amount X is automatically calculated, and the following text Spend X € more and get free shippingis displayed.

Version 1.0.16

  • Fix: issue when the condition is based on SKU

Version 1.0.14

  • Fix: display of shipment logo

Version 1.0.13

Version 1.0.12

  • Fix: display shipment on product
  • Added: additional fees

Version 1.0.11

  • Fix: multiple ZIP conditions
  • Added: Zip field can also contain several zips separated by ;

Version 1.0.10

  • Added: extra fees based on weigth

Version 1.0.9

  • Added: Display shipment in product page

Version 1.0.8, 28/04/2013

  • Fiw when condition = sku , mpn, gtin

Version 1.0.7, 14/04/2013

  • added more conditions: with product properties like product in stock, product dimensions
  • compatible with the new feature "currency" available in VM3.0.16 com_virtuemart.3.0.16_Member
  • added update server
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